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hello newcomer

Posted by happycrab - June 16th, 2014

Hello Newcomer,

I'm here to show you some music that comes primarily through being self-discovery.. therefore, I've developed certain ways of doing things that may be uncommon, but in this field, I suppose being self-taught isn't necessarily unusual.

As the main example of this, I make all of my sounds with fm8. The sounds I don't make myself from scratch have a specific reason for being included. I can only think of using occasional piano sounds, simply because I want to reflect my studies in jazz. But everything else, including drums, is done from scratch, since fm synthesis is an area I wanted to explore, and I want to have dominion over the sounds I create.

I've started exploring MOOD, and how that differs from STYLE. For example, though Drum and Bass could be considered a style, there can be DnB tracks that are happy, sad, exciting, introspective.. yet still DnB.

I feel that you can't really put things into a box. I don't really do House, DnB, Techno, Classical, etc. I feel a lot of people have created their own boxes because of that thinking, especially on this site.

Finally, I'd like to say two things: one, learning and growth will continue to happen just as it's happened since day one. Two, as much as I try not to, the tracks I post are shaped by the rating and comment system on NG. When I do post, I sometimes think about other people consuming art for entertainment (perhaps I should be thinking of the occasional awesome person I find here!). Sometimes I put things in my tracks that are a bit edgy in a way people may not undersand. Sometimes I react to a dumb review or a bad rating by pushing expectations more. And so, don't be surprised if some of my stuff is challenging in some way. After all, if it weren't, I wouldn't be contemporary, and I wouldn't be an artist? Though deep down, everything I do is crafted for discovery, growth, understanding, and artistic development.