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2014-08-03 19:04:57 by happycrab

Hi guys, my name is Jay and this is how I like to spend my time (the music, not newgrounds)

hello newcomer

2014-06-16 20:53:35 by happycrab

Hello Newcomer,

I'm here to show you some music that comes primarily through being self-discovery.. therefore, I've developed certain ways of doing things that may be uncommon, but in this field, I suppose being self-taught isn't necessarily unusual.

As the main example of this, I make all of my sounds with fm8. The sounds I don't make myself from scratch have a specific reason for being included. I can only think of using occasional piano sounds, simply because I want to reflect my studies in jazz. But everything else, including drums, is done from scratch, since fm synthesis is an area I wanted to explore, and I want to have dominion over the sounds I create.

I've started exploring MOOD, and how that differs from STYLE. For example, though Drum and Bass could be considered a style, there can be DnB tracks that are happy, sad, exciting, introspective.. yet still DnB.

I feel that you can't really put things into a box. I don't really do House, DnB, Techno, Classical, etc. I feel a lot of people have created their own boxes because of that thinking, especially on this site.

Finally, I'd like to say two things: one, learning and growth will continue to happen just as it's happened since day one. Two, as much as I try not to, the tracks I post are shaped by the rating and comment system on NG. When I do post, I sometimes think about other people consuming art for entertainment (perhaps I should be thinking of the occasional awesome person I find here!). Sometimes I put things in my tracks that are a bit edgy in a way people may not undersand. Sometimes I react to a dumb review or a bad rating by pushing expectations more. And so, don't be surprised if some of my stuff is challenging in some way. After all, if it weren't, I wouldn't be contemporary, and I wouldn't be an artist? Though deep down, everything I do is crafted for discovery, growth, understanding, and artistic development.




2014-06-13 10:38:40 by happycrab

I'd firstly like to thank all the people who have recently commented and supported my stuff. I'm glad that the majority of the time, these are people with original and interesting music as well. But alas, I don't feel the need to post for a while. Also, one thing about newgrounds that I like is having to make a comment if you rate. But nothing gets me more than some person giving a bad rating and having the ability to get away without a comment. That makes me feel like people are apathetic ignorant dimwits. But fortunately it doesn't seem to happen as often with this profile as much as my other one. Anyway, happy expressing yourselves and see you sometime later!

Entry No. 3

2014-06-04 21:58:47 by happycrab

Well, I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on people!

Entry no. 2

2014-05-22 19:24:45 by happycrab

I'll conclude this run of posting for the time being.. perhaps I'll post again sometime soon, or maybe it'll be a very long time. I have to thank MegaMettaurX, uint, and a very special thanks to Wayv for all of the advice and feedback. Lots of long-term stuff to look forward to working on.. and perhaps my style will change in the X amount of time I'm gone... it's true I'm often at odds with Newgrounds ppl, but I'm glad to have found a couple ppl that are decent and can find the depth in music that's so lacking so often.

entry no 1

2014-05-15 14:10:37 by happycrab

Hello ppl, just a bit about me.. I live in Pittsburgh even though I was brought up in South America until I went to college in Minnesota. I make all of the sounds you hear using FM8 and process them in Ableton. Thanks to very good advice lately I've been expanding what I know and I'm sure this period will be very interesting!